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For more information and press photos on Drugs As Weapons Against Us

download the Press Kit by clicking the link below:


“Well-documented… not just opinion… I’m really recommending people get this book and read it… I really encourage everybody to get online and order this book right away!”

a radio host who has been selected as one of Talkers magazine’s top 10 most influential talk radio personalities

for ten consecutive years and he is the only African-American to be listed in the “talented tenth.”

“I really think [Drugs as Weapons Against Us] is a fascinating compendium of… what the CIA was doing… regarding manipulating our minds… targeting a lot of famous celebrities, musicians. [John Potash is] an author I really recommend you read… definitely read Drugs as Weapons Against Us.”

host of Buzzsaw on The Lip TV, as well as an actor, film director, producer and screenwriter.

Sean is also the son of film director Oliver Stone.

“In my first radio interview, Frank Zappa told me the CIA was distributing LSD to the hippies. [Drugs as Weapons Against Us is] Unbelievable! Just a compelling story!”

syndicated “Rock Talk” radio host who spent three years on Talkersmagazine’s “Heavy Hundred”

most influential American radio hosts.

“[John Potash] has done a wonderful job of research and a wonderful job of presenting [his] facts.”

 nationally syndicated Canadian radio host of “The X Zone.”

“When Lennon met semi-privately with media guru Marshall McLuhan in late 1969, McLuhan let Lennon know he was a ‘useful fool,’ and The Beatles were [used] for psychological warfare… in popularizing drugs. Lennon stormed out but came back

a few hours later to learn more. [Drugs as Weapons Against Us] is exhilarating and well-researched… with startling revelations…”

nationally syndicated Canadian radio host of “The Conspiracy Show.”

“The CIA have used drugs as weapons against Americans… to control people or pacify dissension against the official status quo—the government’s war policies… We should not delude ourselves that U.S. Intelligence has repented and would never repeat these operations… Many people still look at the rapid rise of the hallucinogenic use among these popular Sixties rock stars such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix as positive contributions—I don’t—to the Sixties idealism—It wasn’t—about the world’s possibility for peace, love and global cooperation—that’s naïve. Nevertheless, we barely consider the possibility that such pacifist views were the intention of U.S. Intelligence agencies, and the CIA and its moneyed interests had a role in creating the Sixties subculture and [leading them to] dropping out and leaving behind radical dissent and protest. [John Potash has] covered so much in [his] research… we appreciate his work.”

 radio host on New York City’s WBAI 99.5 FM, and syndicated to Pacifica Radio stations in Los Angeles

and elsewhere, as well as the Progressive Radio Network.

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